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The Lakewood LegacyTexas Title team offers specialized experience in the East Dallas Market.

When it comes to property ownership, peace of mind is paramount. That’s why our dedicated team of title and legal experts is dedicated to preserving the sanctity of your ownership rights. With our robust title insurance process, we leave no room for uncertainty, significantly minimizing the possibility of future issues. Whether it’s protecting against potential challenges or mitigating losses, our comprehensive approach ensures that your property ownership remains secure. Rely on our commitment to go above and beyond, so you can enjoy the confidence and assurance that your investment is protected.

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Meet the Team

Laurence Henry

President & Attorney At Law

Helen Patterson

Director of Escrow Operations

Kevin Bargon

Chief Financial Officer

Rachel Crossman

Senior Escrow Officer

Mary Nell Gibbins

Senior Escrow Officer

Linnea Scott

Senior Escrow Officer

John Edwards

Commercial Escrow Officer

Tiffany Strickland

Business Development

Lauren Ott

Business Development